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Archive for January 2019

The Pilot Kakuno. A pen review.

This is my right-pocket pen. I keep it inked with Noodler’s X-Feather for everyday writing tasks. In any given day I’ll use this pen to sign my kid into school, write some checks, jot notes or whatever. It’s important for FP users to keep a pen with a permanent ink in it on hand if…

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The Pilot Justus 95, which I like. A pen review.

The Justus 95 is a big black Pilot. This is one of my favorite pens ever, and has been since I first laid eyes on it. My first experience with the Justus 95 was when I was writing for Fountain Pen Geeks back in 2012 or 2013. Dan Smith sent me some pens to write…

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I like this Pilot Custom 912. A pen review.

This was an unexpected grab. In February 2017 I spent a week in New York City studying risk and unlikely events with Nassim Taleb and others at the Real World Risk Institute. It was a hell of a week, with fun in class eight hours a day and a bit of solo flaneuring around New…

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