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Archive for November 2018

2018 Ohio Pen Show Recap and Conclusions: Day 4, Sunday

Day Four: Sunday By Sunday, everybody’s tired. We’d had an extra hour of sleep or whatever with the time change. I’d gotten up around the same time as usual, and read a book with muh kids before heading in to work. I did much the same routine as I did Saturday, hitting the donutland to…

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2018 Ohio Pen Show Recap– Day 3, Saturday.

Day Three: Saturday Saturday was a doozy! I got up on time and headed in to the Donutland to get muh stuff together for the show. I brewed a pot of coffee to give myself a headstart on brewing at the ‘otel, grabbed the donuts and drove to the Crowne Plaza. Once there I started…

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2018 Ohio Pen Show Recap– Day 2, Friday.

Day Two: Friday Friday I got up, not singing the Hot Cheetohs song. You can’t really sing that song every morning. I went in to the shop and started gathering the things I’d need to serve coffee to the peoples of the Pen Show, who generally speaking like coffee quite a bit, and are glad…

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2018 Ohio Pen Show Recap– Day 1, Thursday.

Day One: Thursday Thursday I woke up singing “I been looking forward to this day…” It’s the Pen Show for real, and it’s starting today. Thursday is a calm day and it doesn’t get going until the afternoon really, so I took my kid to school (and maybe Babe to daycare, I don’t quite recall…)…

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