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Archive for March 2019

Quick Look at the new TWSBI Aurora

Earlier this month there were ripples running through a certain subset of the FP community, when with little warning (about 4 days.) TWSBI announced a new model, available only on their website. On the 18th, I made my move at 6:30 in the AM, and was actually surprised to find I was able to get…

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Rotring Core: a pen review.

The Rotring Core occupies a hallowed spot near the top of the list of the most hideous fountain pens of all time. This pen could go head-to-head with the Montegrappa Chaos and honestly, be reduced to a cinder. Chaos is way worse. But the Rotring is different. It’s not an attempt at over-the-top ostentation and…

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Baltimore Pen Show 2019: Fun.

The Baltimore show was a great time this year, as no one will be surprised to find out. A highlight of this year’s show was having a healthy contingent of my local crew there for the show. It’s one thing to have pen club friends at your local show, and the last 2 years at…

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I like this Pilot Prera.

It’s no secret I like the Pilot Pens. Their stuff just kinda hits with me. I use a lot of Pilots, they’re probably the best represented brand in my kinda sprawling quiver. An often overlooked and consistently underrated Pilot is the Prera. It’s not an elegant gold nibbed pen that will have the other C-suite…

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