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Archive for February 2019

Go-to Inks. Some Thoughts

For the bulk of my fountain pen career, I’ve been a single-ink guy. My first fountain pen (circa 1992 or so) came with a bottle of Waterman South Sea Blue (scandalously renamed Inspired Blue a few years back.) I used that ink and some long cartridges forever. Later I got a Lamy Al-Star and a…

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The Lamy 2000s. Time for a review.

These are the Lamy 2000s . Is there much left to say about the iconic Bahaus juggernaught that is the Lamy Mozzerfunkin 2000? We’re all about to find out. The 2000 is a modern classic in every sense of the word, but you already knew that. What’s a little more interesting are the few (very…

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Kaweco Steel Sport. A pen that I like, reviewed.

I picked this one up from Dan Smith in San Francisco. I’d been eyeing the Steel Sport for about a year maybe, which is how long I like to think about pens in that price range. I have all the pens I need so before I scratch the new pen itch I like to make…

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Girologio Pen Cases- I like these, a lot.

To understand these Girologio cases, it helps to know Mario. Mario Campa is a regular find at pen shows nationwide, owner of Toys From the Attic and a partner in the company that brings us Girologio pen cases, which Mario designs himself. I first met Mario when I started going to pen shows in 2011…

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