Kaweco Steel Sport. A pen that I like, reviewed.

I picked this one up from Dan Smith in San Francisco. I’d been eyeing the Steel Sport for about a year maybe, which is how long I like to think about pens in that price range. I have all the pens I need so before I scratch the new pen itch I like to make sure it doesn’t go away on its own.

The Steel Sport is my current Left-pocket pen. It’s a match for my longtime right-pocket pen, an AL Sport in raw aluminum. That pen is beat to hell now and I love it. I remember when it first came out in 2012 or so remarking how I’d like to slowly destroy it over time. Well, mission well underway, let’s just say that.

The Steel Sport is obviously heavier than the aluminum one. It’s lighter than the Brass Sport, which I also own but don’t carry around. It’s a weighty pen, but I can use it. I also like the finish Kaweco put on the stainless steel Sport. It’s textured a bit so the nicks and bumps it accrues with daily use contribute to the character of the thing. I’m reticent to take the brass one around as I’d rather preserve the finish on that one. The Steel sport is halfway between the AL and the Brass, not just in weight, but between the shiny Brass pen that says “Don’t you scuff me” and the Raw Polished Aluminum that double dog dares you to absolutely wreck it.

I got this one with a BB nib in it so I’d have all the options when it came to getting it cut, or cutting it myself. I may try to get an oblique architect put on it. A regular architect is useless in my hand– I’m lefty and my right-behind-the-pen is not suitable for the standard up-and-down ground architect.

Five months after picking it up I’m still using the double broad and enjoying it. It’s fun, and enjoyable to see how different inks behave. I keep my pocket pens inked with permanent stuff, which is freaking fascinating, I know.

So the only big drawback to the Sport line is the fill. This isn’t new information. I just use small international cartridges with my Sports; the converters I’ve seen for them are trash. I fill an empty cartridge with a syringe and away we go.

I like:

  • The weight
  • The design- perfect pocket pen!
  • Satin steel finish weathers nicely

I don’t care for:

  • Boring steel nib
  • Small cartridges only useful option.

Bang for the buck: eh

Special out of the box: sure

Looks: like it fell out of a machine

Writes: better later

Whaddya think?