Difficult Times® are upon us. Now what.

It is hard right now.

You are probably struggling right now. Own it. If you’re not struggling now, gird your loins.

Own your struggle, bring your best.

The only times I’ve succeeded in business (or life) it’s been a result of showing up day after day and doing what I do. It certainly hasn’t always worked, but anytime it did, I was showing up every day.

I bring my A game as often as I can manage but it isn’t every day, I’ll tell you that.

Some of the time my very best is not very good. I understand it’s normal.

As long as you’re still showing up, you haven’t failed, even if you suck most of the time.

When your time comes, fail with grace not shame.

Look to your left, now to your right. Both of those people are going to be eaten alive, and so are you.

Millions of small businesses have perished over the past 2 years. Millions. Some of them were better than you or me, some were worse. Now it’s getting harder. Think you’re going to make it? I hope so too.

The world has become impossible. Please understand, it’s not your fault. Chin up.

It’s not your fault.

You didn’t authorize gain-of-function research on dangerous viruses.

You didn’t withhold access to COVID testing and therapeutics in the midst of a pandemic.

You didn’t repeatedly bail out banks at the expense of working schlubs.

You didn’t make student debt non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.

You didn’t decide to pursue a national policy of forever war to enrich the worst people on the planet at the expense of the very poorest.

(If you actually supported these policies, I have a problem with you. We can talk about it.)

Consequences matter.

The people who authorized gain-of-function research on dangerous viruses all still have their jobs. They should be punished. (You don’t get a universal pass for that one time you rolled your eyes at Orange Hitler, you fuck.)

The people who lied repeatedly to force compliance on the public at large all still have their jobs in government and in the media. They should be punished.

The people who repeatedly bail out banks at the expense of working schlubs are either still in office or working for the people they bailed out. They should be punished.

The men and women who decided to pursue a national policy of forever war to enrich their close friends are slowly dying off. The ones who still walk the earth are unbelievably rich and freer than you will ever be. They should be punished.

Nothing will improve until the people in power drink deeply of the consequences of their policies.


Good luck out there.

Whaddya think?