The Pilot Justus 95, which I like. A pen review.

The Justus 95 is a big black Pilot.

This is one of my favorite pens ever, and has been since I first laid eyes on it.

My first experience with the Justus 95 was when I was writing for Fountain Pen Geeks back in 2012 or 2013. Dan Smith sent me some pens to write with and review, and the Justus was one of them. I wrote with it a while and had real trouble sending it back. The Justus was the one pen that I really missed after reviewing and returning it. A year or so later I saw one on clearance at (RIP) and jumped all over it.

I was immediately struck by the sheer size of the thing. It’s one of Pilot’s biggest pens, dwarfing my Custom 74 and custom 912. If you ask me it’s one of the most underrated big pens.

The fancy gimmick of the Justus 95 is the retractable tongue that moderates the softness of the nib. I usually leave it in the soft position. The adjustment knob is one of the pen’s most charming features. It’s on the section, right in the middle, and it’s knurled. I love knurling. Between the gnurled knob and the nib the pen is marked thus:  << H S >>. Turn left for harder, right for softer. This feature also pleases me. For being such a crowded (and even gimmicky) section, I find the whole thing really endearing.

My Justus has the raised stripey texture on the barrel, which lends the pen a little extra class. The double cap band and chevron clip pitch in to make this pen a real looker. I rarely go for gold trim, but it really suits the Justus, and I don’t know if I’d prefer rhodium if it was available.

I keep a Con-70 in my Justus, and for good reason. Mine has a medium nib, and it’s real juicy. I can lay down some serious ink with this pen. I’m usually filling it with a black or very dark green ink (Sailor Jentle Epinard, Pelikan Olivine and Namiki Black are the most recent choices.)

The best thing about my Justus 95 is the way it makes me feel when I’m writing with it. I feel like a king with this thing.

I like:

    • The Size. This is one of my biggest pens.
    • The textures- knurling on the section and lengthwise ribbing.
    • The soft, juicy nib.

I don’t care for:

  • This pen is usually out of my price range.

Bang for the buck: sufficient

Special out of the box: it is.

Looks: like a scepter

Writes: like I’m signing an edict

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  1. Kkk on August 6, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    What is the witdh of thd line , can it run on reverse ?

    • Tim Hofmann on January 12, 2021 at 8:54 am

      Mine is an Asian Medium. I’ve never tried reversing it!

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