The Pilot Kakuno. A pen review.

This is my right-pocket pen. I keep it inked with Noodler’s X-Feather for everyday writing tasks. In any given day I’ll use this pen to sign my kid into school, write some checks, jot notes or whatever.

It’s important for FP users to keep a pen with a permanent ink in it on hand if they’re signing stuff or writing checks. Just ask Nathan Tardiff. I like X-feather for this because it works well on crap paper also.

I was dismayed when I received a thousand checks for a new business bank account and the paper was incredibly crappy. Ink soaked in like crazy and line widths tripled with any FP I tried to use. It was then that I started to carry a pen loaded with X-feather at all times. The Kakuno is perfect for the job. It uses the same nib/feed as the Prera, 78G, Plumix, Penmanship and Metropolitan. I can get an EF nib for it for $8 on a penmanship from Jetpens. Another big bonus: the Kakuno handles a CON-70 converter with ease, so it’ll hold a ton of ink. This becomes important when you’re writing lots of checks on super-absorbent paper.

I also enjoy x-feather nib creep, which has this nib completely coated at all times. A black nib with a smiley face vaguely visible? Yes please.

Even Pilot’s cheap pens are foolproof- they have been incredibly consistent performers for me. I may pick up one of the clear ones one of these days, as the gray and blue one I’m using looks a bit boring and childish. No bitching though, it’s a kid’s pen.

I like:

  • Clipless
  • Snap cap
  • Big ink capacity
  • Reliable nib/feed platform
  • Cheap enough to put Noodler’s in fearlessly

I don’t care for:

  • CON-70 not included

Bang for the buck: big

Special out of the box: nope

Looks: chunky and utilitarian

Writes: like a Pilot: lines when and where ya need ’em.

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